KA1GT VHF/UHF/Microwave Pages

These pages are a project by Bob Atkins, KA1GT, and contain information for radio amateurs interested in weak signal work on the bands from 144MHz through 10GHz and above. My station has been on and off the air in the USA since around 1978 and I was on the air in the UK as G8EKB in the early 1970s. I operated from a QTH at Yale University between about 1978 and 1981, working on 144, 432, 1296 and 10368MHz cw and ssb. I also operated 432MHz EME using 16 Quagi antennas and worked several dozen stations. I moved QTH to NJ in 1981 and operated on 144, 432, 1296 with some brief portable work on 2304 and 10368 ssb.

Between 1980 and 1989 I wrote the microwave column ("The New Frontier") for QST each month. In 1990 I wrote the microwave column for "Ham Radio" until the magazine went out of business (unrelated to me writing for them I hope!).

I was pretty much QRT for the decade of the 2000's with only very occasional operation. In 2014 I moved from NJ to Maine and I currently have antennas up for 144 and 432MHz with 1296 coming (I have the transverter and power amps, plus antennas, but they are not yet on the air). I also have transverter modules and antennas for 10 GHz, but they are also not assembled and on the air yet). I have operated 432 EME using a single 28el Yagi and made a few contacts and I've operated 432 MHz portable from Cadillac Mountain, Maine. I also have basic 50MHz capability (100W and indoor crossed dipoles).

On returning to VHF/UHF/Microwave work I've been quite surprised by difficulty of finding specific information on the web. While there are some excellent websites with good content but sometimes you have to dig deep to find it. In addition, much of the information is contained in PDF files and Google doesn't like to index the contents of a PDF file. Their web crawler can look inside and index the content of PDF documents, but sometimes it can get confused. It can also only index text based PDF files, so the content of optical scans of articles saved as PDF files will be invisible to Google. To make things even harder to find, most PDF files are not search engine optimized with subject and keywords contained in the document properties. You can see what's in the "document properties" section of a PDF file by right clicking on the file and selecting "document properties". Normally you'll find at least the subject and keywords sections blank.

As I collect links I intend to try to index them and put them in some sort of order. I've started out with an index of my old articles from QST and Ham Radio and you can find those links here - KA1GT Articles. I will be converting some of them from PDF to HTML to make them easier to find via Google.

If you have any good microwave links you'd like to see listed here, please send them to me at ka1gt@hotmail.com